Build the wall wherever you are

Nehemiah 3:28 reads “the priests made repairs, each in front of his own house.”

Many of us desire to do great things for God. We have received prophetic words concerning our destinies and we are anxious to “arrive.” We know we have the potential within us, but we are stuck in the hum-drum of everyday living. We wish we could just skip ahead a couple of years so that we could have our big moment and show the world what we are made of.

I have dreams of making it to the Olympics. I would love to be a world class Olympic Lifter, one of those guys who can clean and press 600+ pounds and take home a gold medal. Lets say that God allowed that to happen and tomorrow I found myself on stage, ready for my big break…

Friends, I can’t even lift 600 pounds off the floor, let alone push it over my head. I would get crushed and/or severely injured just trying to attempt such a thing. Why? Because I missed out on a critical piece of the puzzle – training.

If I were to dedicate myself to lifting, I am sure that in 5 years or so I could be capable of at least lifting 600 pounds off the floor, but that would require consistency, total dedication to the cause. What seperates Olympic athletes from everyone else? Perserrverence, consistency, complete dedication and a focused goal.  

If you aren’t at your goal, if you haven’t “arrived” allow me to be the bearer of true news, you aren’t ready and it is God’s mercy keeping you from doing what you want to do.

It isn’t that God doesn’t want you to succeed – He does. Its just that, like the example above, your dreams would crush you if you attempted them right now. You don’t yet have the character, the history and the relationship you need to handle that abundance appropriately. So, how does one go about getting all of that?

Every season of life is a training ground for your relationship with God – you are always “in the gym.” Grief, joy, boredom, servitude, happiness – all of these things can build up or tear down your relationship with God, just as mishandling a heavy weight can really mess up your body. Learn to build your relationship with God wherever you are. Being faithful in small things, giving yourself completely to the task at hand even if it serves another person’s goals and not your own, that is the surefire way to growth in the Kingdom.

A word to the Type A individuals out there… you aren’t behind. Your life is not a timetable that you have to rush through so that you can arrive at your goals sooner and be there longer. You don’t need to campare yourself to anyone else. Who cares if Billy Graham had his first presidential meeting at 32? God has a unique story in mind that only YOU can live out.

Devote yourself to the task at hand. Seek God in this current season. Dedicate yourself to cultivating relationship with Him through prayer, fasting and meditating on His Word. You will be surprised how fast you go by slowing down.


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