Carrying the Kingdom well

This was supposed to have been a much faster followup to my previous post “About a Burning Heart,” but Christmas holiday has started and my wife has monopolized the laptop getting her blog in order. It is really great looking and would be a wonderful resource for you. I recommend checking it out here. Amy is also responsible for the change in appearance to this blog. Thank you love!

I want to center this post around the idea of carrying the Kingdom of God with us wherever we go in an attractive manner. The longer we follow Jesus and the more we begin to know about Him, the easier it is for us to fall into pride. We can easily become judgmental, using the knowledge we have received as a weapon to hurt rather than a gift to heal. Humility is what keeps things in perspective.

Humility, far from being an esoteric virtue of the super-saint, is the most practical character trait a Christian can develop. Indeed, it is a necessity if one sincerely desires to draw near to God. Humility is grounded in the reality of who we are before God. It both dignifies our person and bestows dignity upon others, elevating us to the lowest position in the family of God.

Honest humility is incredibly attractive and frequently overlooked. False humility is what often shows up in churches and is the thing that makes us cringe. False humility is a sneaky form of pride that debases the self unduly so that others feel compelled to speak positive and encouraging things. This manipulative form of communication has been the enemy’s most effective attack against true humility. It smacks of a religious spirit and has caused many Christians to discount humility as a virtue.

However, humility is the only virtue which will enable us to carry the fullness of the Kingdom for any length of time for it is an emptying of the soul from all that distracts us from God. Humility is the observable behavior of an inward identity, grounded in Reality. Humility is the realization that we are children, that we have nothing to give that has not first been given to us. Humility means that any revelation we receive, we freely give to anyone who has need. We don’t despise those who don’t have the same understanding we do because we remember that we once didn’t have it either.

Humility is the highest honor in the Kingdom because it is identification with Jesus, the Suffering Servant Son whose birth we will celebrate in a few days. On Christmas,  the Infinite and Eternal God Most High took on human flesh and came in the form of a baby. God was now bound to time and space. The mystery of the Incarnation is so rich and deep that I don’t think we will ever fully understand it. How an Eternal God could now be bound by age and how an all powerful, omnipotent, God now needed his diaper changed. That is humility. That is a true emptying of oneself for the sake of love. And Jesus didn’t complain. He didn’t pout or grumble about how hard life was – He simply went about doing the Father’s business with a happy heart. It is my wish this Christmas that I will learn to do the same.

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