Cloaks a Foot Thick

(Another part of the dream I had this morning.)

I looked up and saw before the Throne the vast multitudes of Heaven. Even though I knew that those nearest the front wore cloaks of humility, I still wondered that the glory seemed greatest at the far end and dimmed as it neared the Throne.

My look of confusion was all the opening the Lord needed to begin explaining to me,

“You know that the highest rank in heaven is to wear the cloak of humility?” I nodded my assent. “You know that to be wounded in battle and then to have me heal you brings great glory and authority?” Again I nodded, though I didn’t really understand this Truth being spoken to me.

The Lord continued, “Those standing here, these captains of the heavenly host, were those who learned to serve with utmost humility.” As the Lord finished speaking, John the Baptist stepped forward, “He must become greater and I, I must become less.” John stepped back into formation.

“During his time on Earth, John preformed no recorded miracles,” the Lord said as we started walking again. “His life was completely ordinary except in this regard – he loved me with the fiercest of loves. He was willing to walk by faith into darkness he could not know the end of. That was enough to earn him a dear place in my heart (I knew then that the Throne Room of Heaven is nothing else but the Heart of God; the highest positions were reserved for those who knew Him best), but he did something much greater and much more beautiful – he was willing to shine though the darkness did not understand him.”

Recalling that passage from the Gospel of John I was incredibly confused, because that passage had clearly (I thought) been written about Jesus.

“A servant is not greater than his master. Indeed, the one who has been fully trained will be like his master in every way. John was fully trained in the school of my heart in the wilderness, therefore he was able to be a messenger that preceded my Son. His faithfulness to point people towards Jesus and away from himself is what secured his place here in the front ranks closest to me.”

I nodded as we walked along, trying desperately to keep this all in mind long enough to write down. It was almost by accident, then, that as we turned around I bumped into another of the captains. It was only at this close proximity that I realized the cloak of humility that each of these captains wore was a foot thick. “Their greatest desire,” the Lord said quietly, “is to see my Glory, not to compete with it with their own.”

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