Food Bullets

(A dream I had this morning… 4 o’clock a.m. is power hour it seems.)

I was standing before the Throne of God wrapping nuts in saran wrap. These little packages were the size of my hand. When I had finished bundling it together, I tucked it in a pouch at my waist. As I did so, it looked less and less like a package of food and more and more like a bullet. I didn’t understand, so I asked of the Lord, “What does this mean?”

 “You must wound my people with the food of Heaven,” the Lord replied. “When you do, it will produce in them an insatiable hunger that will lead them to me.”

Knowing that this was a great revelation, I continued wrapping and meditating on this Truth. Then, seeming to come to my senses I cried out, “Lord, release angels to help me wrap as many bullets as I can while I am here!”

I could feel the Lord’s mirth and pleasure, but His voice was sobering and almost stern, “You can only fire the bullets that you yourself have made.”

This saddened my heart for I knew that I wrapped so slowly. But I also knew that the Lord had given me an invaluable treasure – the knowledge that intimacy leads to understanding and that I can only truly give what is rightfully mine.

Again, meditation upon this thought made me wonder how these bullets would be used. My male inclination towards weaponry made me incredibly curious to know how these packages of heavenly food would be delivered. They were larger than any bullet I had ever seen, so I imagined that it would take a huge gun to fire them. Bringing to mind as many Scripture verses as I could, I scanned them for any reference to “love guns.”

“These will be fired by your mouth.”

Instantly I saw a picture of one of these bullets, fed from the bag at my waist into the chamber of my heart. I knew then that I was “loaded.” As I spoke forth the Word of God, this package of Divine Life was hurled from my mouth with unspeakable force. The packages of nuts exploded, sending shrapnels of Heaven soaring into the air.

As this was happening, my imagination took me to my congregation. I saw myself making eye contact with them each in turn and these little bits of heaven would strike them. It made me wonder that I wasn’t more effective. I wanted these bullets to lodge deeply in the hearts of my people, but so many of them were just getting grazed on the arm or leg.

“It only takes a taste,” the Lord assured me. “No matter where they are struck or how superficial the wound seems it will work its way into their heart of hearts. Then they will know that I am the Lord and there is no other. Then they will know me, then they will love me, then they will fear me – then, and only then, will they be able to take their stand in this great hour.”


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