Living As Royalty

Starting on Monday, we will be starting a new series called “Living As Royalty.”

Perhaps the title sounds strange to you. To be honest, it is still a little strange to me as well. But God is in the process of reshaping my paradigms of how I view myself and others. This “Royal Paradigm” that He is instilling in me, my wife and our various communities is nothing short of revolutionary. Overstated? Perhaps. But I think not.

The Apostle Paul tells us to be “transformed by the renewing of our minds,” Romans 12:2. What is the purpose of such transformation? So that we would no longer be conformed to the way the natural world operates and so that we can test and approve what God’s will actually is. You see, transformed people transform society. And when society doesn’t want to change then revolutions are thrown.

And all of this starts with God renewing our minds by the work of the Holy Spirit who reveals the Truth of God’s Word to us.

We are not about to embark on some esoteric journey, talking about our own divinity like a New Age cult or a bunch of Mormons. Instead, we are going to examine basic Truths of the Bible and follow them to their logical and biblically responsible conclusions.

What Truths you may ask? Well, without wanting to spoil the whole affair, here are a few: You are God’s child, you have been adopted into the family of God, you are the Bride of Christ, you were created to rule and your glory increases God’s glory. And that is just part one!

Due to the limits on my time, this will not be a daily series, but rather a two or three time a week deal. Please feel free to comment, question and challenge, that will make life a lot more interesting and help us all grow in our knowledge and understanding of Scripture.

Looking forward to seeing you on Monday!

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