Shrinking My Digital World

Hello friends, it has been awhile. I’d like to briefly share with you some of the things God is doing in my life and how that is changing how I use my time.

First, this is a very good season in my life. Having just come out of a time of fasting, I find myself with renewed interest and hunger for the things of God. This desire to draw closer to God has caused me to reexamine various aspects of my life and make modifications and changes where needed.

The main thing I feel called to do is slow down! Fasting has a way of naturally slowing one down. When there is no significant intake of food, life adjusts. I want to maintain this slower, more intentional way of living. In my normal day to day affairs, I feel almost frantic on the inside. So much to do, so much to see, so many people to keep in contact with – it is, frankly, too much for my brain to deal with in a healthy way. So in the interest of health and authentic relationship I have made the following adjustments.

1) TTFN Facebook – Facebook is possibly the largest time waster in my life. I do not believe that Facebook is inherently evil or anything, it is just too easy for me to waste time looking at it. While I do pick up valuable tidbits of information from people’s profiles and status updates, I don’t feel that it justifies the 1-3 hours it eats of my life each day. By no means do I think everyone needs to get rid of Facebook to live and intentional life, I just no I need to. So, for now, I will.

2) No more Twitter on Smart Phone – Second to Facebook, Twitter is another time waster. I used to like Twitter, not so much anymore. It used to be a place where people posted insightful quotes and meaningful happenings from their day. Now it has become another vehicle to sermonize, spam and add to the general “noise” in my life. I have found myself skimming over comments made by closest of friends because I just can’t take in anymore information, but I feel compelled to stay current. I may tweet from time to time, but checking out others tweets is too much white noise and bother.

3) Blog – You may have noticed a sudden drop off in blog posts. I value you, my readers, and I value your time and emotional energy. I don’t want to add to the noise in your lives by posting thoughtless entries and worthless material. I want the things you read on this blog to be of the very best quality, insightful, biblically sound and I want it to edify and advance you in some way. Material like that doesn’t come to me easily – it requires work and refinement. In the interest of offering you the best, I will post when I am happy with the content and article, but there is no guarantee that it will be a thrice weekly deal. I highly recommend subscribing to this blog so that, when I do update it, you will receive an copy in your email.

4) Journal – Where the first three things are purges from my life, this is an addition. I love journaling. I think a journal is the second most important tool in spiritual development (the Bible is the first). Writing down my thoughts, as opposed to typing them, slows my brain down and puts me into an almost meditative state. I like the slowness journaling provides and I like the art of writing. It is my resolution to put an entry into my journal everyday for the next 28 days.

5) Reading the Bible/Prayer – Many of you know that I take my job description as a Pastor from Acts 6:4 “and we will give ourselves to prayer and the ministry of the word.” Half of my time as a pastor should be spent in prayer and meditation of the Word, asking the Spirit to teach me and reveal God’s heart to me. If I do not do that, my ministry will be weak and powerless, my life as well. I need this time spent with God – it is nonnegotiable and items 1-3 were detracting from it.

6) Being Outside – I connect best with God when I am in His Creation. Walking and praying, reading by the river… these are things that feel my soul. I am blessed with the time to do these things, so I want to make the most of it while I can.

Well, I think that about sums everything up. I do appreciate you all and I think these modifications will allow me to serve you better.





One thought on “Shrinking My Digital World”

  1. Very well Ben. Ben very well. I agree with your latest message on here and am glad that you let us know how you are doing and what you are thinking. Love mamma Jean

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