Honoring God through schedules

I have been thinking, teaching and writing about scheduling time lately, and I thought I would share about it here as well. Many of you know how much I love time management, schedules and order since it is a frequent theme on this blog. However, I have rarely talked as much as I should about how schedules allow for more freedom and how much God appreciates it when we honor Him with our time.

This week, I have been reworking my schedule for the summer. As part of my scheduling process, I always block out the time I spend in prayer. Because of the call I have on my life to be a contemplative pastor, I spend 20+ hours in prayer each week and I love to do it first thing in the morning. There is just something right in my spirit about giving God the first and the best.

Well… Praying at 6am certainly gives God the first, but it doesn’t guarantee giving Him the best. I work up one morning earlier this weeks and was absolutely dragging. No energy, no focus…nothing. I meditated on this awhile and came to the very simple conclusion – I needed to go to bed earlier. Part of me giving God the best entails getting enough rest. It was sort of a “no brainier” conclusion, but it helped me remember that all parts do my life are interlinked. I rest so I can work and i work so I can rest, each has its own place in the rhythm of life and I need to fully commit to each so I can fully commit to the other. That was far more philosophical than I intended, fun.

I love the inglorious way we get to love God with our time. Getting up early to pray isn’t glamorous, flashy or even possible in all seasons of life. But it is something that God receives as a gift, and that makes it worth it to me. It is the day in, day out remembrances and recognitions that are most valuable in God’s sight. Loving God on a Tuesday is more romantic than on a Sunday because there aren’t the cultural obligations associated with it. Now, Sunday mornings are great, but loving God the rest of the week is even better.


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