My Core Values

Note: This was originally intended to be a journal entry, hence the more intimate feel. But as I was writing, I felt Holy Spirit prompting me to post it on this blog. I’m not sure of all the reason (and I don’t need to be), but hopefully this will provide a valuable snap-shot into my inner life. Enjoy!

Last night at our Area Pastor’s Meeting, part of our time together was spent discussing a certain list of items from a pastor in Colorado. I don’t remember the whole statement, but one of the comments this pastor made was essentially “don’t apologize for being yourself.” It got me thinking – who am I? Who has God made me to be? What are my core values when it comes to relating with God?

Intimacy – I want to know God and be known by Him. I want to be a familiar face before the Throne. I want to talk to Him frequently. I want to love Him and be loved by Him – just sitting in His love. I want to know His heart not just His words. I want to worship.

Power of the Spirit – I want the power of the Holy Spirit to be evident in every area of my life. I want the character of Christ and I want the ministry of Christ. I believe the time is soon coming (and is maybe now here) where living in the miraculous wont be optional. I believe the time is coming where we will need God to miraculously multiply food simply for survival – this is already happening with Heidi Baker’s ministry in Mozambique. I believe that ministering in the power of the Spirit is essential Christianity. Empowered Evangelicals – empowered by Holy Spirit to preach the Gospel of the Kingom.

Kingdom of God – I really do believe that God is coming back (soon) to judge the earth. I really do believe that He is going to pour out wrath upon the enemy and all who follow him. I also believe that God will pour out mercy, grace and favor upon all who follow His Son Jesus. I believe that Jesus really is a King deserving our full allegiance and that His Kingdom has rules that must be followed – obedience isn’t optional.

Humility/Meekness – For whatever reason, God has made me a man who desires meekness and humility more than anything else. I want to think of others highly and to prefer them above myself. I don’t want to think of myself more highly than I ought. I don’t want to justify or defend myself to people – I want God to be my judge. I want to live before and audience of One – I want to live for His smile. I want to submit myself to God’s rule and to whoever He places in authority above me. I want to love, care for and serve people well.


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