The Power of Words

My wife and I frequently talk about the power of words – among ourselves and with our friends, family and congregation. Specifically, we talk about the power of words and their ability to create atmosphere/Reality. I’d like to share some of our insights here today.

We are made in the image of God and should speak as though speaking the words of God. We know that God is Creator, therefore, we are creative. How did God create the world? Through words. How do we create our world (reality, day-to-day existence)? Through our words. Creative power still rings through human words and carries with it the ability to shape our environment – inside and out.

How we talk about ourselves and others is immensely important. People have an uncanny ability to live up or down to the standards set for them. “You reap what you sow” is especially true with words. Do you sow words of anger or fear? Then don’t be surprised if you and the people who interact with you are angry and afraid. On the contrary, if you sow words of love, comfort, peace and joy you will find those same things returned to you in the words and actions of others.

James compares words (the tongue) to the rudder of a ship. Though the rudder is small, it directs the boat along its course. Similarly, we will align ourselves internally and externally to the words we speak most often, for they will chart our course through life. As an example, I had to break with the habit of criticizing myself as a teacher and start proclaiming the opposite. The internal litany of accusation mounted loads of apprehension and fear upon me as I struggled to prepare my weekly message. I had to repent (change my course) and start sailing in a new direction, using the personal promises of God as my guide. I am in the process of aligning myself with His words about me and it has helped tremendously. I no longer dread my weekly prep time and things are getting better all the time.

We never want to partner with the devil in how we see ourselves and others. The devil seeks to steal, kill and destroy; to accuse and condemn; and to promote fear and anger. If we come into agreement with how he views people and voice his opinions, there is tremendous potential for harm. However, if we come into agreement with how GOD sees people and start voicing HIS opinions, then there is great potential for gain, healing and deliverance. Gold glitters in the sun, but is buried beneath loads of dirt. Our work is to dig for the gold in people and bring it into the light of God’s Truth, not to get sidetracked with how much dirt there is. Call out the best, let Holy Spirit worry ’bout the rest.

If we are to succeed in our goal of bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth, of being lifegivers, light and salt, then we will need to practice speaking God’s words and restraining our own. We need to come into agreement with God and hold up Heaven as our standard – binding what is bound in heaven and loosing what is loosed in heaven. Life or death is in the tongue depending on how we use it. We have been entrusted with the amazing power to create through words, let us use it thoughtfully, intentionally and for the good of those around us.


2 thoughts on “The Power of Words”

  1. Eye opening. What impacted me the most was when you said we don’t want to partner with the devil. How many times I’ve done that with my negative words and thoughts. Thank you for these words today πŸ™‚

  2. Dear Pastor Ben,

    Thank you for enlightening me with this message. Now I realize, before you came over and while you were here I was speaking the words of the enemy. After you prayed for me I had a sense of peace all through me. I was and am now feeling tired, but very relaxed. God did His work through your prayer!

    I did talk to the nurse at Cedar Valley Mental Health Center and she called Dennis, ARNP. He said he agreed I should go back to more of my haldol.

    Thanks for all your encouraging wisdom! πŸ™‚

    Blessings to the Daus,

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