It is not polite to “should” on people

This entry will be shorter than usual, because I’ve done a lot or writing recently and my brain is about ready to go on strike. But I was inspired to write this quick entry because of some comments I received from my readers regarding my last entry on enjoying life.

It’s not polite to “should” on people. This includes telling people what they “should”: do, wear, look like, act like, talk like, sound like, enjoy or just about anything else. It isn’t that we throw out standards of behavior, we just need to let people be who God created them to be.

Each of us who belong to Jesus was re-created into an image of God. We bear different aspects of His character in our personalities, in our likes and dislikes, in our interests and hobbies. Part of living fully is, as Brene Brown puts it, “Letting go of who we think we should be and embracing who we are.”

Some of us have lived the majority of our lives chained to the plow of “should” and we have sacrificed much joy, life and creativity. It is good to be responsible and men in particular seem inclined to sacrifice what’s inside of them so that they can make ends meet for their families and live respectable lives in the “real world.”

So, if you find yourself hollow inside, going through the motions of life/work because you are hoping to buy freedom in the end, perhaps it is time to reexamine your life. Don’t trade the creative image of God inside of your for dollars. Don’t sacrifice yourself to Mammon.

And if you have found a way to blend your passions and desires with your work and family obligations, I want to hear about it. How have you made it work? What have you had to adjust in your schedule and expectations in order to synthesize the two? What makes you come alive?

As always, thanks for reading.


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