Overcoming a Bored Spirit

Dani and I have been talking and teaching lately on how we are predisposed to overcome. We’ve been made into the image of the One who says, “Take heart, I have overcome the world.” Our natural inclination is to be victorious in battle and to overcome any adversity. I view of yesterday’s post, I’d like to share a little about overcoming spiritual boredom.

My premise in writing this entry is “that a bored spirit will always turn to sinful behavior in order to feel alive.” Overcoming spiritual boredom will keep us living in our true identities as overcoming sons and daughters and will also guard us against sinful behaviors we really don’t want to be doing in the first place. The following are simply my opinions on where to begin overcoming spiritual boredom.

1) Relationship with God
It’s probably no surprise that this is where we should begin. God is the Source of every good and perfect gift and He is endlessly fascinating. But we have to have a revelation of God as a Person and not just a set of principles. When you begin interacting with Jesus as a man, the whole dynamic of your spiritual life changes. Christianity ceases to be religious rules and sentiment and becomes a real-life adventure you are fighting for a place in. Knowing that you were created by God to live in this hour and do the things He has placed within you in huge, it adds dignity and worth to your days.

2 Being a resting place for Holy Spirit
As Bill Johnson says, “the Spirit is in my for my sake and upon me for yours.” Every believer has the Holy Spirit within them to some degree, for the Spirit is what draws us to God and gives us Grace to believe. However, it is possible to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit in greater dimensions. I firmly believe that we should experience the power of God regularly in our every day life. This could be words of knowledge, divine appointments, seeing people healed when we pray for them, financial power encounters, dreams, and many other ways The Lord speaks to us. Having the power of the Spirit manifest in your life is really wonderful – we want to jealously guard this gift because it is a tremendous amount of fun to be used by God to minister to others.

3 Having a routine
Boredom frequently occurs when we have long stretches of unaccounted for time. It is good and Godly to rest and relax, but I’m talking about the wasted hours that become Facebook or youtube binge sessions. Knowing that you just spent three hours looking at garbage is soul killing. It beats down your will and you are less resilient to temptation. Your thinking becomes, “well, I’ve already wasted this much of my day, I might as well pile it on.” Instead, have a routine that gets you up and out of yourself and focused on the things God’s made you to do. I notice that when I have a set a solid routine I am much happier, healthier and more productive.

4 Party
I mean party in the sense of having fun, doing what you like to do and doing that with other people. Some of the most enjoyable things in life are simple and easy to do once you decide to do them. Have some friends over and cook a mean together. A homecooked meal with good red wine is one of my favorite ways to party. Dani and I love to get together with friends to worship. The possibilities are quite endless, just stay away from soul-killing activities like drunkenness.

Well, that is a good start for now, but I’d love to hear what you think. How do you overcome spiritual boredom? What tips and tricks do you have to share that keep your heart alive? Have a great weekend my friends.

One thought on “Overcoming a Bored Spirit”

  1. #2 Being a resting place for Spirit!! Amen and amen!
    LOVE IT. praying for people at exactly the time they need it is SOOOOO AWESOME!

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