Just Taking Vitals


I really hope that comic from “Radio Free Babylon” makes it through intact because it is the essence of this post. I read this comic this morning and thought I’d do a quick meditation on it. For all the prayer ministers at VCC, this is for you.

I love Jesus’ words at the end, “just think of yourself as the one checking vitals before the physician walks in.” I think they are spot on for what we do as prayer ministers. Too often we get caught up in the system we use to prayer for people and there are many great systems out there. But we all know that it isn’t a system that delivers people, but the Spirit. The only “system” I see Jesus using is is being totally dependent on the Father and being obedient to do what He sees the Father doing.

“Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can only do what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does. John 5:19

Dani is a far more experienced and trained prayer minister than I am, but I have learned from her that much of prayer ministry is simply being led by the Spirit. No system compensates for a listening ear and heart willing to obey. Oftentimes the Spirit can do more work in a session with a single word or picture than we can do working through our preset formulas. Dani and I are constantly amazed at God’s faithfulness and how He meets people when they ask Him to. He is the Great Physician, after all, and He loves healing people.

Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the ones that do the heavy lifting in healing, deliverance and counseling, but we also have a role to play. Our role is to commit to love, have compassion and treat the people we are ministering to with dignity and respect. I don’t require our prayer ministers to heal every person they pray for, but I do expect them to love every person they pray for. No one should walk away from a prayer ministry session feeling isolated, unloved or misunderstood – for me, that is “taking the vitals.”


2 thoughts on “Just Taking Vitals”

  1. I can relate to this one. Thanks for the message, Ben. I want you to know I appreciate the time and thought you put into your blog site. Nice job!

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