Digging Wells: A Parable

I vaguely remember reading this parable somewhere. I can’t give credit to the original source though I want to, for it is a parable to live by.

There was once a wise and holy man on pilgrimage in a distant land. In his travels, the old man came upon a village in desperate circumstances.

“There is no water,” cried the village chief. “There has been a drought for many years and now we are about to die. Please, teach us how to find water.”

The old man paused to pray before answering – “The Lord says there is water beneath your feet. You need only dig down 10 feet and you will find a spring of water that will save you, your family and your village. May God bless you in your work.” And then the old man carried on.

A month or so later, the old man returned to the village, everything was barren. He went to the center of town where the village chief lived only to find 10 holes, each a foot deep. The whole village had died of thirst.

What do you think? What does this parable mean to you?

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