Credited Righteousness

“Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness.”

When a bank offers someone a line of credit it is an act of trust and obligation. Essentially, the bank says – “I’ll give this to you now so that you can use it and repay me later.” The bank trusts that they will receive their credit back, plus interest.

A bank expects that the person using the credit will use it in such a way that causes the person’s wealth to grow – such as starting a new business. The credit is a “seed” that a person plants and when the harvest comes in, the “seed” money is repaid, plus an agreed upon rental fee. The “farmer” keeps the rest of the harvest as profit. It is possible that, given an abundant harvest, the “farmer” becomes self sufficient and no longer needs to borrow from the bank. This is the ideal situation.

I wonder if it is the same with God? God credits us with Christ’s Righteousness. In effect He says, “I’m going to give you, right now, something you haven’t yet earned – the same [perks of] righteousness that Jesus has. I trust that you are going to use it to prosper and that you will be able to give back to me even more than I gave to you.”

Through our belief we gain access to Christ’s righteousness – that allows us to live, think, feel and act the way Christ did. It allows us to be free from sin. It allows us to bear fruit – 30, 60 or 100 times what was sown.

The question for me then is this: Am I using Christ’s righteousness in a way that is causing me to prosper, or am I just sitting on it? Am I praying for people? Am I evangelizing? Am I feeding the hungry? Am I doing the whole multitude of good works God has created me for? And when I see Him face to face and settle my account, will my life have a harvest of righteousness so that I can “repay” Him, or more accurately, show that I was a good steward of His gift?

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