Prayer Target Challenge: A Ray of Hope

Hello again friends, I have some good news for you this time. God continues to prove His faithfulness and the riches of His Grace. I got the following email from a reader in Israel. I thought I’d share with you. Thanks again to everyone who is praying and tracking this with us. It is so encouraging to get reports like this.

“I just read your Prayer Target Challenge blog post. I wanted to send you a little encouragement 🙂 Recently several staff went to Cyprus for a gathering… This was a gathering for Christians from the Middle East that are building houses of prayer. There were people from Egypt, Iraq, Israel, …. I can’t give names or specifics but a friend of mine met someone there who was a former ISIS member who had come to know Jesus as his Savior! He was a totally transformed man and so full of the love of Christ. It was a pretty radical testimony!

Also, if you feel led add Nazareth to your prayer list. It has been said by many I know living there that Nazareth is the center for the Arab world. Many look to them for how to respond to things in the world and to form their political opinions. Recently some ISIS flags were found being flown in Nazareth, and there are recent reports a few young arab men from Nazareth that went to Syria to fight with ISIS.

I’m keeping my ears open for the testimonies! I recently had some friends from Israel that went to Turkey & Iraq to help at the Refugee camps! I’ll share some of their testimonies after I get together with them!”


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