Prayer Target Challenge: Week 3

Thanks again to everyone who is participating in our 6 week Prayer Target Challenge. The goal of this challenge is to pray as often as possible for the salvation of ISIS militants. I’ve promised to comb through the news and post anything of note. So far, we’ve gotten one report of a former ISIS militant who has given his life to Christ – thank you Jesus!

For those of you following the “Prayer Trigger, Prayer Target” model of intetcession, it is time to review your trigger. If you find that your irritant has died down/gone away – great! It is time to find another one. But please don’t limit your intercession to just those times. It is pretty bad over in Iraq and Syria – our brothers and sisters can use as much comfort and support as we can give them.

One other reminder. This is a spiritual battle, not a physical one. As Paul says in Ephesians, “we don’t fight against flesh and blood.” The men and women of ISIS are not our true enemy, therefore we aren’t praying primarily for a physical military victory and we won’t rejoice in airstrikes or raids. We are waging war against the demonic powers, principalities and ideologies that have set themselves up against King Jesus and deluded these men into thinking that their violence is actually service to God. So our prayer must be that God will reveal Himself to them in dreams, visions, angelic encounters or through His people and that the people of ISIS will come to know the One True God. Pray also for our brothers and sisters experiencing persecution. I am so encouraged by their stories of faithfulness, even to the point of death. May they receive reward for their suffering and obedience. Amen.


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