Prayer Target Challenge: Week 4

Hi friends,

We are four weeks in to our 6 week challenge. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for the men and women of ISIS to come to know Jesus as Lord. While we don’t see much slow down of ISIS activities in the news, we trust that those prayers are not without effect.

I got a magazine in the mail this week from Voice of the Martyrs. The issue dealt with the recent activities of ISIS in Iraq and Syria and did a wonderful job of outlining the origins of the group. I highly recommend checking out their site. You can sign up (for free) to receive the newest issue of their newsletter. The title of the copy you want is “I am n.”

ISIS, now just IS or Islamic State, has it origins in al-Qaida. It appears that both al-Qaida and the Taliban kicked out the leaders of IS for their brutality and violence. Now IS is the largest, most well funded extremist group in the area. It has a particularly effective social media strategy that has successfully recruited radicalized Muslims (men and women) from around the world. IS has now captured control of 1/3 of Iraq’s territory in addition to parts of Syria.

One thing the VOM newsletter draws out is how faithful the Christians in Iraq and Syria are. Here are families that could, in many cases, flee, yet they choose to stay. They know that refusing to deny Jesus as Lord is a death sentance, yet they stay to preach, live and care for the wounded. They wake up knowing each day could be their last, yet they get up and go about their business trusting in God – not to save them from an earthly death, but to give them eternal life. The world isn’t worthy of such saints.

Please continue to pray my friends. Pray for the salvation of the IS fighters and supernatural empowerment for our brothers and sisters in Iraq and Syria. I do hope that the LORD protects them, but I also know that they do not love their lives so much as to shrink from death. They are the overcomers, the victorious ones.


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