Three Pictures

I had a couple dreams last night that I wanted to share. I use the terms “dreams” loosely, because I’m never sure what to call those things I think of in the times between waking and sleeping, when I’m sort of doing both. The first two dreams I had last night and the last was one I had a few weeks ago and have just been sitting on. If you are someone who has some skill in interpreting dreams, feel free to email me your take on one or all of the dreams below. I’ve gotten some things from them, but I’m always open to hearing what other people get. Thanks.

Handing Out Gum
In this dream, I was in a foreign country on a missions trip. I saw a bunch of kids and was filled with love for them. I wanted to do something special for them, but all I had in my pocket was a 5 piece package of gum. From past experience, I knew that if I gave the package to one of the kids, they would share it with their friends – which is great – but then each kids would only get a sliver of gum, a tiny taste. I wanted to do more than that because I believe God is better than that. So I asked the kids to get all of their friends, all of the kids in the villiage. I told them that God was going to do something special for them, that He had a gift for them.

Hundreds of kids started coming and sitting down in the place where I was standing. I looked at them all and couldn’t believe how many their were, such great need! I also realize that I just had one pack of gum. I don’t remember feeling anxious, just acknowledging the “facts”. Once all the kids were gathered, I prayed. Then I reached into my pocket and gave the first child my only package of gum. He took it gladly. Then I moved on to the second. Again, I reached into my pocket and there was a pack of gum. So I gave it away. On and on it went, each time giving away all I had until all of the kids had received their own pack. Then I reached into my pocket and pulled out five more packs. There were some kids who hadn’t been able to come, so I sent some children to give them a pack too.

After I had finished distributing the gum, I realized that the kids had received different types of gum – mint, cinnamon, fruit. Though I only had mint when I started, that didn’t seem to limit what they received. I knew each kid had gotten their favorite kind because God is that Good and knew them that well.

How I long for that kind of faith! Those are the kind of stories that I want to tell – not in dream form, but from real life. I feel there is more meaning to that particular dream than I have been able to unpack at this point.

The Spigot
This dream was much shorter. It was just the picture of a old water spigot, like there used to be on farms. It was the kind where you lifted the handle and waited for the water to come out. I lifted the handle and had to wait for what seemed to be a long time. I could hear the water coming long before it started flowing. Eventually, the faucet started sputtering and then gave way to a steady flow of cool, refreshing water from deep in the ground.

Desert Transformation
This dream was from a few weeks back.

I saw a picture of someone stranded in the desert. This person had found a small trickle of water that flowed from the crevice of a rock. I knew the trickle, really just a drop every few seconds, would be enough to sustain them. It wouldn’t really satisfy their thirst, but it would keep them from dying.

The dream sort of “split” and I saw two different scenarios play out simultaneously. In the first scenario, the person just kept sitting by the trickle, drinking as they needed and grumbling about their lot. They prayed a lot for God to deliver them or help them.

The second scenario was much different. In this instance, the person realized that the water kept dripping wether their mouth was under it or not. So the person looked around and found some sort of container. Whenever they weren’t drinking the water, the container was catching it. Eventually, the container was full. The person could now have a long, satisfying drink of water. So they did.

The vision progressed and the person was still sitting by the trickle. They had a full container of water, but the water kept coming and dripping onto the ground. The person had a strange idea. They decided to water the ground around where the trickle was dripping onto. They figured they could always refill their container if nothing happened. So the person took their container and wasted it, pouring it out on the ground. The sandy ground drank in the water gladly. Nothing else happened.

The next morning the person saw that a tiny sprout had come up through the sand. They were overjoyed – the first new thing in ages! They continued to collect the drips and water their new plant. As they continued pouring out their water, the plant grew and other plants sprouted up. Soon, the area around their trickle was growing several different plants.

This continued for some time in the dream. I saw the person collect and water and soon their desert had become a little garden. Unbeknownst to the person, as the plants and vegetation grew, so did the flow of the water. It was imperceptible at first, but I soon saw that the drips came more frequently, the container filled up faster and the person was able to care for more and more plants.

The garden grew and so did the flow. Eventually, the garden had become a good sized oasis in the middle of the desert – then something interesting happened. It rained. Once the rain had stopped, I noticed the the trickle had become a steady flow and where it once dripped into the ground and was absorbed, it now began to pool and run in a small stream through the garden.

On and on it went. The gardener collecting water and watering the plants, the flow growing and the rain coming. Soon, animals and bugs and even other people found their way to the oasis. Every addition allowed the garden to grow.

The dream ended with the two scenarios side by side, as if to say – you get to choose.

2 thoughts on “Three Pictures”

  1. Ben,
    Thank you so much for sharing this morning. I was really encouraged by all of your dreams. They remind me that the fullness of God is something you can count on and hope for. It’s especially encouraging for me right now because I have all these dreams and desires which seem so large and far off in the distance, with me standing a ways away just gawking and praying for some motivation.
    My favorite of the three dreams is the third. It sounds similar to a parable from the bible, when the master gives each of his servants some money to be in charge of while the master leaves for a while (in Matthew 25:14-30). The master entrusts to each servant what he knows they can handle like the Lord gives us gifts and leadership to match what we can handle. The most exciting part of the story is when the master returns to see how his servants have invested his gifts, exclaiming those words which make everyone’s hearts soar: “Well done my good and faithful servant!” Yet, the servant who was unfaithful in his own abilities and did nothing with the gift given to him received harsh judgment. Verse 29 says, “To those who use well what they are given, even more will be given, and they will have an abundance. But from those who do nothing, even what little they have will be taken away.”
    I feel like verse 29 is speaking also to your dream about the gum. The gum was a gift entrusted to you in which you have two choices: to eat the 5 measly pieces or invest with the help and trust in God to give joy to someone else’s life. When you put that faith in God, knowing that He wanted you to share what was given, your gift was indeed multiplied. Do you think the gum dream has anything to do with the children that we hope to be receiving into our church from Central America?
    Regarding the third dream. I feel that God is reminding us that he has already instilled in us good things that we can go forth and multiply, because he trusts us! I’ve heard Dani talk about the heart of God wanting us to be dependent on Him, yet we don’t need to ask God about everything little detail. He gives us talents and wisdom and desires so that we can use them to dream and create. So the two scenarios in your dream refer to the man that doesn’t step out in faith who only sees the current exhausting situation, hoping that God will send more water, while the other man uses his own mind and creativity and curiosity to dream big and partner with God in building His kingdom. I love the imagery that God gives you about this garden; the way that the garden grows and includes more and more life. I can imagine the man looking on the garden that he has watered, that he has helped create, in complete awe of the transformation from a desert to a place of life! He had no idea of the outcome of his actions and dreaming. When this man took that first step, when he first watered the ground, if he had known the result in the end, this massive garden oasis, would he have cowered at the tasks ahead? It’s so encouraging that the garden grew slowly, step by step, in manageable, exciting additions. Growth can be such a scary and overwhelming thing, but when I am reminded of the good father heart of God, I don’t feel as intimidated.
    What is symbolized through the water? I think you probably know better than I. But I think that your second and third dreams are connected. In your third dream, one of the scenarios shows us that the man is scared to leave the trickling water. In the other scenario, the man comes to realize that no matter what, the water will be there, and he doesn’t have to worry about being filled up. When that worry isn’t there, through trusting that God isn’t going to leave you, it is so much easier to go forth from the place of being filled up. And literally, the bowl under the dripping crevice overflowed! From that overflow came the abundance of life.
    I hope you were able to follow my thoughts. Maybe you got something out of reading my response. And if not, I feel like I sure did! There is so much symbolism and meaning in these dreams, and I think it probably sparks different ideas in different people. Thank you so much for making my morning!


    1. Chelsea,

      Thank you for taking the time to write such a thoughtful response. I really enjoyed reading what you wrote and I think you made a lot of sense. I agree, I think there is a lot in those dreams to keep us hoping for the future, trusting in God and taking the small and necessary steps we need to in order to walk into His big picture.

      I liked your reference to the parable of the talents. I hadn’t thought of that, but it makes a lot of sense. I feel like Holy Spirit is helping see that “divine opportunities” are hidden in plain sight. They aren’t always miraculous events that come out of nowhere. Instead, they are things we take for granted and/or don’t think about, like the first scenario with the dripping water.

      Thanks again for reading and taking the time to respond. So happy I could make your morning! 🙂

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