Understanding Forgiveness

I’m reading through Luke in The Passion Translation (check it out here) and really loving it. I just finished chapter 7, the part where Jesus is anointed in worship by a prostitute and forgives her all her sins. Jesus tells a parable to Simon the Pharisee who doesn’t quite understand and Jesus ends the parable with this verse,

“She has been forgiven of all her many sins. This is why she has shown Me such extravagant love. But the one who assumes they have very little to be forgiven will love me very little. Luke 7:47 TPT, emphasis mine

That last sentence cut deep this morning. How often have I been in that place, assuming that I have little to be forgiven of, assuming that I am a pretty decent guy and that my soul just needed a little help rather than a complete overhaul? More often than I want, certainly!

I want to be an extravagant lover. I want to make a costly sacrifice in worship, just like the prostitute did in this section. I want to be known for the singularity of my devotion and the joy I take in my salvation more than any other thing. After all, at the end of the Day, He is all I truly have.

I don’t think this means I need to spend a whole lot of time drudging up my past sins in order to present before God a convincing case of my own depravity. I do think it means I need to spend a whole lot of time meditating on His Goodness – all the ways He has come through for me, all the things He has saved me from and the Reality that I have been ransomed and redeemed. Everything I am should have been (and was) sold into slavery in order to pay my debt and still it wasn’t enough. Jesus didn’t just erase my debt, he paid it in full and posted my bond so that I could walk out of my sin-prison a free man, a son of God.

I am not the man I used to be before Jesus’s sacrifice took hold of my life, but I never want to forget that I am where I am today, and will be where I am Tomorrow, because of Him.

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