Could you help me out?

Hi friends, a short one for you today.

Yesterday’s post generated a lot of traffic, like 3x what I normally get on a daily basis. I got a few Facebook comments and text messages letting me know you all liked the post (which I love to hear btw), but it got me to wondering. Would you mind taking a minute to answer a couple questions in the comments below? It benefits me as a writer and pastor to know what is helpful for you in your daily walk with Jesus. Thanks!

Some questions for you

* What did you find helpful about yesterday’s post (or any of the posts you read here)?

* What kinds of issues or topics are you interested in reading about?

* Why do you choose to visit my blog and read what I write as opposed to going somewhere else?

Thanks in advance for taking a few minutes to respond to those questions. I know you make a choice to come here and read what I write and I want you to know that I appreciate that. I also want to offer you material that is useful and applicable to your life, so any help you can give me in that regard would be excellent.

Thanks for reading friends!


5 thoughts on “Could you help me out?”

  1. Ben,
    I like your perspective and insight when I read your posts.

    I go to your blog because I see it posted on Facebook.

    As far as what I’d like to see… I’d like to see you continue to write about what you’re studying and thinking on.

  2. Hi Ben!
    1. I found yesterdays blog (though I read it today) to be really interesting because 1) I’ve never heard anyone address the issue of wolves and 2) it radiated truth and felt very natural. Like, duh, that makes sense though I could have have explained the topic as you did and also reflects everything I’ve experienced and seen.

    2. I really enjoy the unexpected topics you discuss, especially because you are naturally curious about many things and I like exploring the world through your lens. I really like hearing about historic and cultural backgrounds of bible stories, as well as holy spirit teachings and basic prayer lessons(how to pray and experience Gods presence and break barriers of worldly distractions).

    3. I read your blog for lots of reasons. I read yours especially because I trust you. I know you and expect genuine answers from someone i look up to who lives for Jesus. I love your thought provoking topics and always feel that your words are truth. I like that you write in a way I can understand, just the right amount of creativity and not too much educational jargon. Lastly, I read your blog because I always leave your page feeling refreshed and with a little more insight.

  3. I actually didn’t read yesterday’s post until just now. But it is a very fascinating and important topic, because our congregation has a freedom and joy that Satan would like nothing more than to destroy with legalism and negativity. I am happy to see you protecting it so vigorously. I usually read the posts when I see them on facebook or am notified via email. I appreciate the transparency of your walk with the Lord and your emphasis upon the love of the Lord. I especially appreciated your post about abortion and look forward to similar discussions of other social issues such as LGBTQ issues. As was stated earlier, I always leave reading your posts refreshed and spiritually empowered by your exposition of the love and power of Jesus.

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