Resource for Wimber Material

Hi everyone, short post today.

I just found this wonderful website that has a lot of original John Wimber material. The website is You can buy a lot of his teachings for fairly cheap, and there are also some free articles written by John, his wife Carol, and his daughter-in-law Christy.

I wanted to share this article, written by Carol Wimber, about the early days of the Vineyard. I love the fact that the Vineyard came out of the Quaker church. I also love her description of “communion” time in the Quaker services, we might have to try that out some night at VCC.

I also love her reminder that we worship because God is worthy, not to try and “make” something happen. God is worthy of our whole-hearted worship even if nothing miraculous happens. It is enough to come before the Uncreated One and worship, even if we are the only one in the room.

It is easy for me to get excited about revival and thousands upon thousands singing together. But what really needs to capture my hearts is the revelation that I carry around the Presence of the Invisible God all day, every day. I live before an audience of One. Nothing compares to pouring out my life in worship, praise, adoration and thanksgiving to the One who loves me completely.

Papa, thank you for the wisdom of John and Carol Wimber. I ask for the grace to be whole consumed with worshipping you and loving others as an overflow of the love You have for me. Amen.